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Web Tools 4 Teachers

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Links to the webtools you have seen used in this presentation:



A web “drag and drop” activity that provides hands-on interactivity, which helps the learner engage with the task. It is a simple tool that lends itself to many categorization activities.




A web tool that lets you creat flow charts, class diagrams, network diagrams, seating charts, brainstorms, and any other number of items. You can export as a graphic or print out your creations.




Online slide shows that are easy to create, can be posted anywhere and are totally customizable!




Turn a simple photograph into an inspiration message. See this link for an Language Arts curriculum applications, teaching literary terms, on Mr. Blake’s ClassBlog.


Custom Road Sign


Quick and easy sign that you can create and easily insert on your blog or other websites.


Trading Card Maker


Use the trading card concept to create trading cards for your classroom. They can be placed on the web and are sized to print 3,5 inch cards.




Add comic book style captions to your digital photos. You can tell a story, make a point and make learning a lot of fun!




Bloglines is an online service for searching, subscribing, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content.




Keep, share, and discover links on the web. These links can be accessed from any computer on the web.




Save a personal copy of any page you locate on the Web. Files can be searched and accessed from any computer on the web.



Skype is currently a free Voip (voice over internet protocol) solution.

Podcasts and Wikis


We touched on podcasts and wikis today. If you want to learn more about these two resources, Darren Kuropatawa and Alan Levine have some excellent help for you.


Podcasts can add a lot to the learning in your classroom and students love them. See Darren Kuropatawa's podcasting segment.

It is on his Whiplash wiki.


Then to learn more about PBWiki, see Alan Levine's How To Quickly Wiki with PBWiki.

It is on his Sample, Taste, and Savor Some New Technologies.

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