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Looking Ahead

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This wiki contains my presentation outline for one day of a week long workshop on teaching and learning, using weblogs.


The participants are Georgia middle and high school language arts teachers. It is exciting to be part of a project that is providing this kind of support for classroom teachers.


Dr. Earl Holliday, Mike Keleher and Leonard Wiit from Kennesaw State University conceived the "Improving Language Arts Instruction through the Use of Weblogsā€¯ project.


Project details are available at



I plan to add other content area blogs and other edublog resources to this wiki. I invite participation.

Photo copyright held by by flickr user "sleepydays." Used with permission.

"I am not a teacher---

only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way.

I pointed ahead---

ahead of myself as well as of you."


G.B. Shaw

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