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Language Arts Examples

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Poetry, Book Clubs, Book Lists, Book Study, Classroom Magazines


Literature Circles
Literacy & Technology Instructor's Edublog
The Thursday Afternoon Poetry Club
English Corner
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Secret Life of Bees
To Read or Not To read
Brandon's Online Magazine
Novel Discussions



English Teachers

EPGAGA English People Good at Getting Active
The Open Classroom: Using technology, transparency, and discussion to transform education
Expressions in English
Ask the English Teacher
Inspirational Teaching
The Open Classroom
Tim Frederick's ELA Teaching Blog
Lackey's Class Links
Links to student blogs from Lackey's Class Links site
Links to lesson for the student blog
Mrs. Huff's English Classes
Just Read
Gardner Writes
Indefinite Articles
English Literature 12



Class and Student Blogs


English 8S

English 8Y
English 8H
English 8C
Miller's English 10 Classroom Blog
Mr. Mayo's Class Blogs
9th grade at Escuela de la Ciudad
Primary 7 Writing Blogs
From the Tropics
Upwey Eights
Bloomer Sixth Grade
Lafayette Park Writers' Forum
Grade 12 Writer's Craft
Our Class Blog
Room 613 Student Blogs 0607

Our Class 2007





Class Blogs with Teacher and Students Posting on Same Blog


The Clem 2005



Class Blogs with Students Commenting to Teacher Posts


Amerifun Literature Blog
Novel Discussions
Smith's 9th Honors Class Blog
Kakos' 4th Hour
Kakos' 6th Hour
Madness in the Method
Student Reflections on Night by Elie Wiesel
EWL Book Editorials



Other Reading, Writing, Thinking Blogs



Mabry Blogs
CSUMP Advanced Institute 07 Mother Blog
Blogging Pedagogy
My Reading Life - Linda Lackey
Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Writing Blog Central
Writing and the Digital Life
Immigration Experience
Colorado State University Writing Project
The Science of Teaching Writing
Getting Heard
Teacher Cadets
A School of Voices
I Think......



Elementary Education Blogs


The Write Weblog
Blogical Minds
Sandaig Otters- The Weblog of Sandaig Primary School in Scotland
Sandaig - De Rank - A cooperative blog between two primary schools
marlyn's blog
Miss Jeanie Lee's English Class
Mullum Writers
Mighty Writers



University Blogs





Other reflective possibilities


The Fischbowl
A Difference
Remote Access



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