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Guidelines and Responsibilities

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There are many resources on the web addressing the issues of guidelines and responsibilities while blogging in education. In my opinion, one of the very best is the AHS Blogging Policy developed for the use of weblogs at Arapahoe High School.


Additional Resources


Guidelines for blogging post from EduBlog Insights


Objectives and Guidelines for Safe and Responsible Blogging


Responsible blogging lesson plan from Outside the Cave


Sample Student Blog Policies


Safe Blogging post from Mathematical Musings


The Blogger's FAQ on Student Blogging


Blogging Rules by Claudia Ceraso



Credit for picture


A special thank-you is in order for Chris Roberts, the photographer of the above picture. I emailed him to request permission to use his photo. Note the nice reply:


''That sounds perfectly fine with me. :) I'll be glad to see one of our

pictures used for something other than simply impressing relatives.


And just for the record, the shirt I'm wearing in the picture was done by The Jollyblogger


I note this because it is just one small example of the many nice people you will meet as you blog. You will be amazed at the collaborative learning spirit that prevails.




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