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Evaluation and Reflection

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Let's start off with two end of the year projects that show what students learned from a year of blogging!

Our ABC Blook on Blogging


The T.A.G. Blogging Machine


Karl Fisch really got my attention when he pointed to this post:


We need more assessment, not less from The Fischbowl


For the time being, I would invite you to think of assessment as Grant Wiggins suggests, as information for improving. There is much to learn in the world of blogging and the possibilities are limitless! Daily more and more educators are coming up with exciting projects. We are just beginning to tap the surface. This will give you the needed time to absorb and reflect about using weblogs to improve your instruction,


If you need some type of evaluation for now and must give grades, consider assessing students' participation. See the following posts for some interesting approaches to this.


Assessing conversations from Joho the Blog


Other posts to read and consider:


Assessing Blogwork from Weblogg-Ed


Measuring the Wealth of Networks from Remote Access







Making reflection a cornerstone of the educational blogging culture is crucial for our future. We learn from our explorations with blogging, but we need to record the reflections. I think the collective reflections can foster needed changes in education. Be a part of these conversations and let your voices be heard. Make sure your student voices are heard!



Why I blog with kids from Remote Access


Why did you start blogging with your classes? from A Difference


Will Blogs Take Over the World? from kristen's blog


Blogging Report from Crosby's 21C Blog


Professional Blogging - My Thoughts from BH's Weblog o'blog


Bumping up reflections from EduBlog Insights


Reflection Articles from EduBlog Insights



Bubbles photo from Jeff Kubina

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